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Welcome to my blog - an eclectic collection of book reviews, thoughts, fun side projects, tutorials and all sorts of other silliness that I end up doing in my spare time. If you are trying to recruit me, I would expect you to have at least read a few of my articles so you don't end up trying to hire me to raise chickens on the moon. If you are just browsing, I hope you will find what you are looking for. If you already know me, then tough luck. In any case, please enjoy your stay here.

Analysis of distances between bus stops
How well do London buses match the timetables?
Interview: Why jaywalking is illegal in Poland
London Underground Journey Elevations
Version Driven Branching (part 2)
Version Driven Branching (part 1)
review: Neo-Aristotelian Perspectives on Contemporary Science
review: The Traffic Power Structure
the hidden dungeons of TfL
ant powder friggin sucks
review: Elastic Leadership
review: Irresistible APIs
review: Microservices in .NET Core
review: An Introduction to Traffic Flow Theory
#4 year of languages - elm
review: An Astronaut
review: Newton and the Counterfeiter
review: Patterns, Principles, and Practices of Domain-Driven Design
#3 year of languages - go
#2 year of languages - ruby
review: The New Silk Road
review: Wisdom for Beekeepers
review: Big Data SMACK
review: Designing Distributed Control Systems
#1 year of languages - fortran
the firefly strategy report
the bus factor
intelligent bees
Monty Hall explained
the things I liked about arrow
south eastern bear hunt (we
js quirks that always get me
ten reasons why arrow sucks

published: Thu May 30 2019

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Michal Paszkiewicz reads books, solves equations and plays instruments whenever he isn't developing software for Transport For London. All views on this site are the author's views only and do not necessarily represent the views of TfL.