Michal Paszkiewicz


The new, redesigned blog is out! Click here to see. GitHub DDoSed by China?27/3/2015

GitHub has been suffering for the past day. Could China be involved?

What if clocks were Australian?24/3/2015

Why is clockwise clockwise? A brief look into time.

Solar eclipse 201520/3/2015

Everything you Don't want to see from a solar eclipse blog post.

JS1k 201516/3/2015

A review of the JS1k 2015 competition.

The game of life (and war)12/2/2015

About my variation of Conway's game of life.

The Age of Microsoft5/2/2015

The Hololens, the Raspberry Pi2 and the arrival of Microsoft in the open source community.

The Barlow lens10/12/2014

A review of the Barlow lens in astrophotography.

The moon and Jupiter30/12/2014

Taking photos of the Moon, Jupiter, Io, Ganymede, Callisto and Europa through a small telescope.


My first ever attempt at astrophotography taken during the 2014 Geminid meteor shower.

Diving into open source music software06/12/2014

How and why I started contributing to free open source music software.

Regin Trojan23/11/2014

The Regin trojan malware explained in layman's terms.

Halloween special!31/10/2014

A bit of halloween sillyness...

Creating a multiplayer game with PeerJS11/07/2014

PeerJS is a neat library and API that allows you to easily work with WebRTC and communicate between browsers. Here we explain how to use PeerJS to create an online multiplayer game.

Quintus and Bing Code Search04/07/2014

A review of the Quintus game engine and Bing Code Search

Cracking codes27/6/2014

An overview of my first attempt at creating a vigenere cipher cracking tool.

First post20/6/2014

The first post on my full-time blog. So exciting.