Michal Paszkiewicz


First post

So, to start this blog off, I'm simply going to explain what projects I have up and going.

Natural selection


This is a pretty simple project I started as an experiment with the aim to learn to use Html5 canvas. It is a single page site, with a canvas on it, upon which various balls bounce around. The green balls are supposed to be 'male', the pink are 'female', and the red ball is a predator that kills the other balls on contact.

To further confuse matters, the green and pink balls are created with a preset behaviour relative to the predator (red ball). They move differently, dependant on how near the predator is to them. This is achieved by making their movement follow 2 gaussian functions (one parallel, the other perpendicular to the predator) on distance to the predator with the coefficients set to random numbers.

The green and pink balls can also mate, when they hit a ball of the opposite 'sex'. The newly created ball takes the average of each pair of gaussian coefficients of its parents.

As can be seen, after a while the balls naturally get good at avoiding the predator, due to the fact that the ones that avoided it best got to breed the longest/most.

Music site


A simple site I have started creating for myself, where I should be able to post all my recordings... once I have actually recorded anything...



This is a project I have been meaning to do for a while. While at university, when I was learning C, I had created a fun cryptography console tool. But my laptop was stolen and unfortunately I had not backed my work up anywhere. It wasn't particularly amazing and only covered a small amount of cryptographic functions.

But since then, I have been keen on remaking the tool. Now, with more programming skills gained, I have started again. I will slowly start with remaking what I had, then working on more complex functions. I am especially looking to allow the tool to delve into steganography.

While all the basic functions will be built in javascript, the aim is to use MVC for the later part of this project. Obviously because I would like to learn to use MVC.

Raspberry Pi

I have also recently acquired a Raspberry Pi, which means I will slowly start looking at projects to do with this. I will keep this blog updated.