Michal Paszkiewicz

Software developer | STEM ambassador

Welcome to my site! I am an ex Transport for London tech lead and currently a Mobile Lead Developer at Lowrance, B&G, Simrad and C-MAP. I have a crazy amount of side projects and hobbies and very little time. Be prepared to see music, astronomy, physics, arts, sports and any other randomness that I come across.

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Science & Technology

cqrs-react-router TypeScriptReactDDD

Start managing your front end application with DDD patterns using this library.

Filesplash TypeScriptHtml5 canvas

Easily add an animated file drop functionality to your website.

Plotjs TypeScriptHtml5 canvas

The lightweight plugin for creating beautiful and responsive graphs and charts.

LocalFile Html5 localstorageAngular JS

Saving and reading files to and from local storage.

Clock JS Clock JSHtml5 canvas

The lightweight, responsive and easy to use JavaScript clock plugin.

Natural selection Html5 Canvas

A browser based model showing how objects can learn through natural selection.

Cryptosaurus JavaScript

Browser based cryptography tool for encrypting, decrypting, and cracking codes.

Maths Big numbers!Maths!

An exposition of mathematical solutions to random problems.



Learn Charango Angular jsPhoneGapMobile

Site helping to promote and teach how to play the Charango. Includes hundreds of chord diagrams, a tool for creating custom chords and sending them to friends and an Android app you can download and use offline so you can learn about your charango anywhere!

Comic strips Html5 Canvas

Nerdy / Geeky / Neeky / Gerky / Gherkin comic strips for weirdos like me.

inknote AngularJSNode jsMongoDBHtml5 CanvasDesktop only

A modern and highly innovative web application for engraving quality music score.

Write music anywhere and everywhere - on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop!

hieroglyph Vanilla js

Flash cards for learning to read hieroglyphs.

Bezier curve extractor Html5 Canvas

A visual developer tool allowing you to draw a bezier curve, then copy the code needed to draw that curve.

Neocat Youth website BootstrapNode jsMongoDB

The official website for the Neocat Youth Group performing at venues in London.

My astrophotography Angular js

A showcase of my astrophotography photos and posts.

Music site Html5 Canvas

A site for hosting all of my personal music projects.

Chord progression tool Angular js

See how to play a chord progression on a keyboard with this browser app..

JS1k 2015

My personal submission to the js1k 2015 competition. This involved writing a pure JavaScript program that was less than a kb long.

JS1k 2016

My submission to the js1k 2016 competition. This time, an 8-bit game called "gnomes and salamanders".


Music score trainer Html5 Canvas

Learn to read music score by playing games! Woo!

Braille Training Angular js

Learn Braille by playing this fun game!

Go Desktop onlyPeerJS

Play the classic game: Go with an online friend in your browser!